Things to do in Joplin MO

Are you looking for things to do in Joplin MO? In this article I will go over everything you could want to know about Joplin. I will go over all the major attractions and top places to visit.

A brief history of Joplin:

Joplin is a city located in southwest Missouri. This town started out like a lot of towns west of the Mississippi. At the end of the 19th century it was a boomtown focused on mining. It is located on the historic route 66, This is actually the starting point for most people who want to travel down this famous road.

George Washington Carver National Monument

The George Washington Carver monument is one of the top things to do in joplin mo. Carver was an amazing man with a few professions under his belt including scientist, educator, botanist, chemist, agronomist, and inventor. This was one of the first national statues built to honor an African American. The monument is located where he grew up on a 210 acre farm. The statue and other plaques about Carver are located along a historic park where people can enjoy the outdoors and learn about this amazing man.

Grand Falls, Joplin, Missouri

Grand falls joplin mo

If you love swimming and the outdoors grand falls is definitely the place to be. This is one of Missouri’s largest and continuously flowing waterfalls. This is a popular destination for swimming because at the base of the waterfalls it creates a giant 12 foot pool. The water is constantly following year round and is created as a result of a large man made dam upstream. There are smaller pools around the area that are perfect for kids to play in.

Joplin Museum Complex

This is a great place if your wanting to learn about the history of Joplin MO and how it became a great mining town. This might not be your thing if you are not interested in mining or geology. The complex, located in Schifferdecker Park and is a combination of two mining museums. You get to learn about the history of the town, the popular resources that were found. You can even take a tour of a replica mining cave.

Another museum is the route 66 museum where you get to learn about the history of this famous route. Some highlights include the adventures of bonnie and Clyde through Joplin.

Route 66 Park, Joplin, Missouri

If your starting out on Route 66 and are planning on traveling down this historic route then I would definitely start here. This is where most peoplr start anyways when they want to tour Joplin MO. This park opened in 2013 and serves as an introduction and starting point of this famous road. The park is comprised of many artistic murals that people can visit. Another feature of the park is a classic corvette that visitors love to take pictures in.

Sandstone Gardens, Joplin, Missouri

If you love old and classic things with a touch of beauty then this is perfect for you. This estate is made up of 68 acres with a beautiful 50,000 square foot estate located on it. Some of the top mentions of this are the sprawling gardens indoor and outdoor. There are shops and a restaurant located inside the manor. Also you can take a tour of the mansion and gardens. The house is filled with old antiques from all over the world, cast stone sculted throughout the interior. The lighting along with wall art creates an amazing touring experience through the home.

Restaurants and dining experience in Joplin MO

Sweet Caroline’s:

Located on Joplin’s main street is Sweet Caroline’s. This is an awesome ice cream and coffee shop. They have a wide selection of ice cream to choose from where you easily spend hours sampling. There are around 32 different flavors to choose from. The ice cream is artisan and hand dipped. The coffee is also a nice benefit, the atmosphere of the place is filled with that amazing coffee smell.

Red Onion Café:

This Café is located in a 100 year old renovated building in downtown Joplin. This diner brings a classic touch with the the décor, it has industrial touches, exposed pipes on the ceiling that brings together one of the best dining experiences. The menu keeps with a normal mid-westerner tradition. Definitely a must see if this type of food is your style.

Conclusion of Things to do in Joplin MO

If your just passing through Joplin along the historic route 66 I would definitely stop on in and give this town a try. Explore the rich history of this town on how it became a mining town. Stop at some of the well known restaurants and take a tour of some of the beautiful garden, parks, and waterfalls. This is one place you don’t want to miss.

Looking for things to do in Rochester, MN

Things to do in Rochester MN

Rochester MN

Are you looking for things to do in Rochester MN? This area is known for many things, but one thing that it is most famous for is the world renowned health care center The Mayo Clinic. This research center is known for it’s education, research, and patient care. There are many more things to Rochester MN and in this post I will show you some of the highlights this area has to offer.

Love the outdoors?

Looking for things to do in Rochester MN and love the outdoors then we have great options for you. Located in southern Minnesota, Rochester has around 85 city parks to choose from. Hiking and biking rails can be found throughout the city on some of it’s more famous trails.

Just outside of downtown Rochester you will find Silver Lake. The Zumbro River near Silver Lake offers many activities including boating, kayaking, and trails. This is perfect if you want to experience nature at it’s fullest. If you don’t have your own equipment there are bike and boat rentals.

If you are a true nature lover I would recommend Quarry hill Nature Center. This a 329 acre wildlife center with it’s own 1700 gallon aquarium. The wildlife center has 35 of the natural species found throughout Minnesota. There are eight miles of hiking trails located in the park. You will also find sandstone caves to explore, a pond for children and a quarry full of fossils.

Shopping and Eating

If your looking for places to eat and shop while you in Rochester then checkout peace plaza and university square. Located in downtown near the Mayo Clinic the peace plaza offers easy access for pedestrians with walkways and skywalks giving you quick access to everything downtown has to offer. There is even an underground mall with shops for everyone to enjoy. This area offers many restaurants and shops to choose from. During the winter time there is even climate control on some of there enclosed walkways so it’s easier to enjoy.

Top places to eat in the area include

  •  Pescara
  • Chester’s 
  • B.B.’s Pizzeria
  • Salad Brothers
  •  Bravo Espresso

Go below the street to check out the Grand Shops of Marriott, this is a climate-controlled, underground pedestrian mall right in the middle of downtown. This mall has more than 65 shops, art galleries and stores.

In the summer months of June through August the city on thursdays turns into one giant block party that is a great attraction for anyone. There are plenty of street vendors and music artist to enjoy.

Trolley Tour of Rochester MN

There are many things to do in Rochester MN and one of them I highly recommend is doing the trolley tour. This tour focusses on the cities top attractions that it has to offer.

Some of the top highlight in the area include the tour of Pill Hill, the campus tour of the mayo clinic. Like most tours they start by explaining the History of Rochester along your way to the more popular areas. Another great stop would be the Mayowood Mansion and the Assisi Heights Spirituality Center.

Tours similar to this one include the Rochester Microbrew trolley tour and the haunted tour of Rochester.

Mayowood Mansion in Rochester

The Mayowood Mansion is home to the founder of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Charles H. Mayo. He built this mansion back in 1911. The home has over 30 rooms and is furnished with antiques from all over the world including French, German, Spanish, and English. This estate also has a sprawling garden that is a major attraction to tourist.

In 1965 the Mayo family donated the house and the estate to the Olmsted County Historical Society. Since 1970 the mansion has been used as a tourist attraction and is loved by many. This site is one of the top destinations along the Rochester trolley tour.

Field Veterans Memorial

This is a memorial located in downtown Rochester that pays tribute to all the veterans who fought for their country. Among those mentioned in the memorial there are also over 3,000 veterans from Minnesota that fought and died.

The walk of remembrance consist of 6,000 paver stones that honors the United States Veterans and their allies for their service to their country. Funded without the use of the tax payers money the tree of remembrance is dedicated to all the 50 states that fought for their country.

Rochester MN art center

The Rochester art center is a non collective art institute that offers art from all over the world. international, national, and local artist have their pieces up on display for everyone to see. One of the programs they have is for emerging artist, where they display all new nd up and coming artist locally.

Bluffscape Amish Tours, Rochester, Minnesota

Want to get a taste of the simple life? Why not try out an Amish tour. This is a 3 hour tour of the bluffscape farm and shops. This is a great introduction into the lifestyle of the Amish community. The shops have an amazing selection including Select Amish crafts, quilts, baskets, hardwood furniture, leather goods, canned and baked items, candles, soaps, candy, and fresh garden produce. There are more Amish communities around Rochester. The tours around harmony offer the same type of atmosphere if you are in the area.

Rochester Civic Theater

Created in 1951 the Rochester civic theater is an award winning organization. This is a non profit organization that is dedicated to enriching the lives of young adults all over southern Minnesota. They are comprised of a large group from local artist and international artist that specialize in music, dance, and live theater.

Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center

At cascade Meadow environment center they focus on one thing and that is to educate the public on the environment especially water and energy. They encourage substainable living and teaching people how to make the planet a better place to live. This is a great place f your wanting to learn how to better protect our environment.


Rochester is a beautiful place to visit and with so much to do. They have some of the best history in the country that offers a lot to anyone visiting. Whether your wanting to visit the Mayo Clinic and the historical medical institutions nearby or if you want something simple like visiting an Amish farm. Rochester MN will definitely have everything that you are looking for.

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